My Gratitude

Allow me a moment to say thank you my Mom. She’s where I get a lot of my love of reading, fantasy, and science fiction. It’s from her that I get my appreciation of faith and my willingness to understand others. My Mom has done as well as she can, has always given others a […]

The Inoculation Effect

For once, I’m not talking about COVID-19 or anything to do with injections or vaccinations. The Inoculation Effect is a sociological occurrence where an element is impressed upon someone to a point where that person wants nothing to do with the original element. It’s a massive hurdle in American education systems, one our society keeps […]

A Grim Anniversary

I joked recently that my website was drifting toward becoming a COVID-19 blog. So, here we go again. As best as I can decipher, I was first exposed to coronavirus on April 2, 2020. An infected coworker performed maintenance on my production line while I was present. By the next Monday, seventeen people had been […]

First Draft, Record Speed

With another month of writing done, I could bring up a progress chart like I did for February. Or, I can tell you about my signature accomplishment for March 2021. So let’s talk about The Tower Of Humanity. Much of my latest dark fantasy novel rises out of my love for Demon’s Souls, especially its […]

For The Good Of One And All

In this era of COVID-19 and all the trials it presents, one major hurdle for every adult is finding a way to live–and thrive–in the constant worldwide presence of this virus. That means getting a vaccine, especially since as of this writing, I don’t know of a way to keep the kids from getting sick. […]

Tracking Progress – February 2021

Let’s talk about progress trackers. For two years, I’ve used calendars to track my daily writing activities. Writing. Editing. Submitting stories and query letters. I’ve even marked networking on occasion. For 2021, I’m trying something different. I’m using a grid to look at a variety of activities–not all writing related. Since February was the first […]

Shh, It’s A Secret Joke

While starting the new project I hinted at in my newsletter, I realized that I’m always making jokes in my writing. These are secret jokes, things that amuse me while I write. How about an example? In my dystopian novel Vitamin F (Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo ), the lead character is Bridgett […]

Find The Good Things

When I search through the web, I hunt for things that might fascinate me, inform me, or bring me wonder. Honestly, that’s what I search for every day. I do it when I speak to others. I do it when I read, when I write, when I play games. If I can instill some dream […]

Hundred Word Tales #5 & 6

I’d meant to share one of these last week and forgot to write it. Now that it’s here, I managed to get the current segment set up as well. These are both connected to the fourth installment, so please check it out as well. 5: A nun cradled her habit as she swept the foyer […]

Hundred Word Tales #4

No prayers filled the Chapel of Eternal Offering. Lara would have homed in on the supplicants, piercing their minds with her hunger, lulling them into a submissive state. She sat in the heart of a holy place, lost, not for any faith, but to quiet the cravings in her mind. Too many times, she’d tasted […]