Hundred Word Tales #4

No prayers filled the Chapel of Eternal Offering. Lara would have homed in on the supplicants, piercing their minds with her hunger, lulling them into a submissive state. She sat in the heart of a holy place, lost, not for any faith, but to quiet the cravings in her mind. Too many times, she’d tasted what a person was worth.

Too many times, her meal grew soul once her inner tongue pushed through the layers of psyche.

The life of an eternal goddess spoiled everything. Amusement parks, earthy taverns, organic grocers, all sad, empty, and pathetic.

Lara curled her mouth downward, though not far enough to meet her dissatisfaction. Pious chapels were another place vacated of any worthwhile flavor. Acids bubbled in Lara’s gut and she moved toward the tall pair of wooden doors holding the sanctuary closed.

The sound of breaking glass stopped her malady, igniting something new. Long lost at the very least.

For the first time in ages, Lara was curious.