I Am Not Your Enemy

In a late-stage capitalist society, competition is king. It consolidates the number of large publishers from six down to five (and maybe even four). It turns the news organizations into branches of multimedia conglomerates. Through all this, normal people are expected to espouse that greed is good, that the only duty of a company is […]

Country Over Party

The 2020 US Election officially takes place tomorrow, November 3, 2020. The world is anxious for a variety of reasons. I’ve spoken to a few of those reasons before, but never on the real issue. As a whole, a nation exists because its citizens share a collective set of values. It doesn’t matter if that […]

Musings From A Former Browncoat

There are few feelings as somber as knowing you’re no longer a fan of something you once loved. You gave something a part of your heart, room to move within your mind and your soul. Perhaps you met friends or went on adventures because of that love. Now that love is gone. Banished through some […]

So You’re A DUNE Fan Now

Welcome. Let me spit at your feet. It is a gift of my body’s water to you. I’m sure that seems weird. It’s weird to Duke Leto, Gurney Halleck, and Duncan Idaho. But Paul Atreides? He knows what it means. That’s the trick about young Paul, he knows things that he shouldn’t know. He’s been […]

How I’m Doing

Several days ago, my fine friend David B. Coe publicly asked “How are you doing?” One of the reasons why I like David is because when he asks that sort of question, he isn’t being polite, he cares enough to hear the answer. He remarked on the trying times we all face, so I’d like […]

A Child’s Worth

I noticed a trend among some of my family members, taking issue for the lack of protests following the death of Cannon Hinnant. After reading into this tragedy, I’m going to explain why there aren’t any protests in the name of this little boy. There’s 1) a suspect 2) who has been arrested and 3) […]

Hundred Word Tales #3

Tristan’s uncle left him a shack full of clutter and junk. Pieces from a thousand games, some digital, some with figures and cards. Books and magazines tumbled from one pile of clutter to another. For such a kind, simple man, Tristan’s uncle lived in a realm of unrepentant chaos. Tristan thumbed through the bound notes […]

On Starting To Write

I was asked by another writer during a Fyrecon event “What seems to be the problem getting to writing?” Here’s my answer. My brain works like an engine. The base fuel is hydration, just like any other animal’s brain. Next comes the raw material. That’s the presence of my character wanting to pursue their goals […]

Hundred Word Tales #2

The following was inspired by a prompt which also happens to be the first line. It was fueled by my continued frustrations with the conduct of law enforcement and their inability to recognize true equality for all. I need you to understand something before I kill you. This isn’t about death. It’s about a nation. […]

Missouri Adventures In Coronavirus

It’s been too long. Sorry about that. The world has decided to reveal its adventures. This is catharsis for me as much as it is update for the world as a whole. With the coming of COVID-19 in late March/early April, I’ve spent plenty of quality time with my red panda pal, Akito. He’s been […]