Find The Good Things

When I search through the web, I hunt for things that might fascinate me, inform me, or bring me wonder.

Honestly, that's what I search for every day. I do it when I speak to others. I do it when I read, when I write, when I play games.

If I can instill some dream in your thoughts, I've done my job as an artist of some sort, no matter if I draw with a pencil or with words. Should I manage to give you a reason to think, then I've done an even greater job, one that defies labels, just as it threatens to defy understanding.

With that in mind, I must tell you that I've had a good day. My Mom's birthday is today. I had lunch and spent the afternoon talking with a wonderful friend. I've been writing some, editing more, and discovered a simple way to reach out to all of you.

For years, I've heard that great call: "Build your newsletter mailing list." I've tried to plug a pop-up on here, but the plugins just don't like one another.

Then a thought struck me: Those who have already signed up used a direct link.

SO! My big ask for the day: Would you like to sign up for my newsletter?

My hope has been to get a few names listed before I make a point of talking to those who want to hear from me even more directly than looking at my social media.

I've loved telling people about books and movies and personal adventures for years. It's not just a matter of fiction. It's my effort to share.

I want to open my mind for you. I want to share ideas here, build stories on Patreon, find professional allies to send my characters on greater journeys.

There are so many wonderful things I want to show you. Isn't it about time I started revealing a few of them?