Hundred Word Tales #1

Magnifon, Keeper of Radiance looked at the Fruitful Land. “I shall bathe the world with my light. He took a step over the Creek and was gone. Onxy Shroud laughed at Magnifon’s departure. “Fool. The world will know only shadow.” His cloak lifted over the Creek and vanished. A small boy walked to the edge […]

A Parasitic Notion

Parasite. A perfect glaze built upon elegant layers of refined chaos. It’s the sort of cinematic experience that should be a contender for any film award. Director Bong Joon Ho‘s ability to deliver a visual story populated with characters able to deliver such an experience to the world is more than worthy of the mountain of […]

Stagnant Days

Since 2018, I’ve kept a calendar for my daily writing activities. One of the first things I do each day is to mark down what I did the previous day. It makes for an easy way to mark progress and be thankful for even small portions of progress. Occasionally, there are days that I leave […]

The Season Of Evil

When October comes each year, people like to embrace the coming of Autumn by hanging pictures of ghosts, monsters, ghouls, and goblins. Horror movies rise from every corner, be it new releases or ascending from the grave of videotape bins. I keep wondering, what is it that draws us toward the dark side? Are we […]

What Do You Bleed For?

Every person has to find a passion. A goal, a destination, something to achieve. For me, it’s writing. I want to write my way to success, greatness, reaching things I have only dreamed. Some might say it’s my calling in life. Some have looked at my ideas and said, “What a mind.” Every historical inspiration […]

The Heartache Of Moving On

The Heartache Of Moving On If it were up to me, I would do all the things. Read everything, play every game, write every book. Everything would be released in ideal time and place, edited to perfection. The covers would be immaculate. Readers would never need to wait. When I last checked, I was still […]

The Value Of Art

Last week, I took a trip to see a friend on the opposite side of Missouri, a four hour drive each way. Perfect time to try out an audiobook. The Audible code I had let me pick out anything, one book, size doesn’t matter. So, I went big. My choice was EMPIRE OF SILENCE by […]