The Value Of Art

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Last week, I took a trip to see a friend on the opposite side of Missouri, a four hour drive each way.

Perfect time to try out an audiobook. The Audible code I had let me pick out anything, one book, size doesn't matter. So, I went big.

empire of silence

My choice was EMPIRE OF SILENCE by Christopher Ruocchio. The easy explanation is THE NAME OF THE WIND in the universe of DUNE. I'm still enjoying it.

During the story, the lead character, Hadrian, talks about his efforts at drawing, the quality of truth that comes from drawing something. It grabbed me in a subtle way. Hadrian spoke also about his using a blade to sharpen a pencil, something I've done in the past. There was no specific phrase--if there was, I would quote it for you--but the sequence made me think:

"I think Christopher Ruocchio draws. Or he used to."

So, I got on Twitter and asked him.  Interesting guy. He has a lot of interesting ideas about some of my favorite books.

The lesson: Talk to authors who make you feel something. You might learn something interesting.

And, yes, he used to draw.

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