Promised Hints for Newsletter Readers!

A few days ago, I posted across social media that I'd like to boost how many people are signed up for my author newsletter. One of the most famous offers is to offer those who sign up something to read. On June 1, 2021, I'm going to send a story to those who are on my newsletter list.

I posted the goal I wanted to reach, noting also that I'd give some hints once five more people had signed up. Since that goal has been reached, it's time for me to make good on that particular promise.

So! Here are a few hints and trivia about this particular story:

  • This is a science fiction story.
  • This story takes place in the same setting as one of my most detailed novels.
  • The protagonist of this story might be my favorite character. If she's not my favorite, she's close to the top.
  • I wrote the first scene of this story during a night shift on a Thursday night/Friday morning a few years ago.
  • I may revise this story again at a later date. I'm still proud of this particular story, no matter if I do that or not.
  • By word count, this is one of my longer short stories, though it's not quite as long as my steampunk shorts.
  • As with so much of my work, my love of Star Wars and anime is on full display here.

Another thing I'd promised on social media is that, if five more people sign up, I'll share some new art related to this story. There's plenty of time to hop in if you're interested or just curious.

All you have to do is join up with my newsletter. I hope to see you there.