On the Night Before Dragon Con 2021…

As I write this, I'm about half an hour from one of the longest drives I take in a given year, the road trip to Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA.

For the record, yes, I still live in Missouri. It's quite a drive. It's worth it.

This year, I've got a lot of things picked out that I'd like to do. I'm always up for meeting fellow writers in the Westin Bar, and I have a few people I already have plans to meet up with.

I always try to make at least one Paint And Take event, which are in ample supply over the weekend.

I need to stop by the Echo-X booth, so I can visit with a creator who did a lot to help me write my way through the worst parts of 2020. Always keep up with your friends to the best of your ability.

Maybe I'll discover a book or anime or visual that sparks my interest like never before. At the last in-person Dragon Con, I met my mascot Akito, which has been one of my better decisions.

Maybe I'll write something in the time between events. Maybe I'll draw something. I might spark a bit of it all.

Or I could have a few days away to enjoy time with friends. Preferably in a Gundam simulator.

In any case, my ride says he's on his way, so I'd best get my bags to the door.