Hundred Word Tales #2

The following was inspired by a prompt which also happens to be the first line. It was fueled by my continued frustrations with the conduct of law enforcement and their inability to recognize true equality for all.

I need you to understand something before I kill you.

This isn’t about death. It’s about a nation.

This is about order, not oppression.

I don’t hate you. I have to protect everyone from any threat. That means I have to find the threat. There are so many things to fear, the worst are rioters willing to cause problems.

Everything was fine until you took to the streets.

Your signs are the problem. Your unwillingness to comply will only make things worse.

I have to kill you now. Your songs and compassion are the threat. Your coalitions are the threat.

I need my batons and armor because you’re dangerous. You forgot to respect my badge. You must obey my orders.

I have to obey my orders. My brothers and sisters won’t let me forget. You are the enemy; they are my only friends.

I have to kill you now because I have doubt. And doubt is deadly.

Forgive me. It’s for the best. That’s what I was told.

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