Having A Good Week

I was going to pop in with this short, energetic post a few days ago:


I’m due a victory lap.

I’ve been submitting to Writers Of The Future for the better part of a decade. Each time, I’ve found myself gaining an Honorable Mention or nothing at all.

The contest is anonymous, to make sure it’s all about quality, skill, and most important, engaging story and characters. It’s another case of asking what can a writer make someone feel, especially in the vacuum of not being identified as the author of a work.

But this most recent quarter got me to a new rank: Silver Honorable Mention.

Now, I think it’s a little silly that there’s two kinds of Honorable Mention, but this is the biggest genre fiction contest in the world. It’s meant to honor participants, even if it comes off confusing.

For the moment, the fact stands. I finally climbed a little higher in my standing with Writers Of The Future. Now a new question arises: Can I climb higher still?

That’s why I keep writing, keep building toward new stories, keep hunting for ways to reach out to readers, writers, the world as a whole.

We shall see what the future brings, especially since I am among its writers.

Then I found an excellent email from The Common Tongue's editor Kade Draven. That means my short story "The Choosing," will be appearing in the fifth issue of The Common Tongue, due out in October.

I'm ecstatic, excited, and--oh, I need to go through a few edits.

Still, it's always good to know my work is about to get in front of an audience. Until I have links for the issue featuring my work, let me tantalize your fandom with a link to my magazine writer bio.

More to come...