A Busy October

I've warned a few friends already, but October 2021 is going to be a BUSY month for me. Here's a simple accounting of why it'll be busy.

  • NaNoTribo. This is basically NaNoWriMo with a closer group of writers and spread over two months. Also, this is the second time I've done it this year. The first resulted in a fantasy book called The Tower Of Humanity. This time, I'm working on a dystopia I'm calling The Last Goth Girls.
  • Loyalty Of Severus. I'm working through a big revision on this project. Every day, this gets a little (or a lot of) work. This is only one part of a larger tale, but it has its own pace, its own plots, and will end up anchoring the reawakened version of my Patreon page. Also, have you seen my hashtag #SeverusSunday? It's where I'm showing off designs and art from the story once a week.
  • Severus Sunday. Didn't I just mention this? Yep. Do I always have all the art for this ready to share? No. That means I get to draw.
  • "The Choosing." This wonderful dark fantasy tale lands at the end of the month. It'll be in issue five of The Common Tongue Magazine. I'll have links when they become available.
  • Dune. Denis Villeneuve has made a movie of (half of) my favorite book. It's supposed to be amazing. I will be going to see this--probably multiple times.
  • Scars Of Shadow. I'll have something to share about this gem of dark fantasy I released monthly a couple of years back. Nothing more I can say at this moment.

There might be more, but I can't think of it right this moment. That's how jam-packed October 2021 is going to be. I'm hoping it'll be a good month, too.